root@Pakistan:Hello Admin
root@Pakistan:This Website Have Been Hacked.
root@Pakistan:You wants to know why this have been done?
root@Pakistan:Yes there is a solid reason.
root@Pakistan:This is a warning for everyone, who is playing with Pakistan.
root@Pakistan: Yes, We are Pakistani Hackers. A Team Of Hackers who wants Peace and Justice in Pakistan. We are the voice of Pakistan. And we will not allow you anymore to play with our beloved country. GAME OVER

[+] Message : Is this is Jinnah's Pakistan? Is it a democratic country which was given to us by our Quaid? Where always poor people attacked by powerful ones. There are alot of examples. Why Majeed Achakzai is not feeling guilty on his act? Yes because he knows he will get bail easily as he's a part of those mafia who thinks that the people of Pakistan are their slaves. You tortured Jamshaid Dasti because he was not involved in cases like you? Firstly your police did misbehave with PTI women during protests and Dharna and now they uploaded pictures of girls who were a part of Islamabad Birthday Party, while you all stood up when babblu's picture was leaked. Jails and Torture policies are only for poor ones, and Powerful Mafia required VIP protocol even when they're Corrupt, Dishonest. What's going on here in Pakistan?

root@Pakistan:But listen you Mafia, The game is over now. You've forced us to violate the law.
root@Pakistan:We wants justice in Pakistan. Right now we just conveyed our message.
root@Pakistan:But we are watching you. All Government Servers will be dashed if you will took this message just as Fun.
root@Pakistan:We don't forget.. We don't forgive..
root@Pakistan:Good Bye.. ./Logout
root@Pakistan:Pakistan Zindabad